a person using a credit or debit card

Debit/ATM Cards

Convenience goes a long way!

In today's fast paced world, a little convenience goes a long way, kind of like our First National Bank Cheque Card. It can eliminate the worry of having enough checks, or the thought of running out of checks in the middle of your shopping trip. No more waiting on check verifications or having to produce your I.D. for approval. Simply present your First National Bank Cheque Card when making purchases and it will automatically deduct the amount from you account.

Found your wallet empty? The First National Bank Cheque Card also doubles as an ATM card, so you can receive cash at thousands of ATM locations both locally and across the nation, that display the Cirrus, Maestro, Accel or MasterCard logos! Wherever you are, your cash is close at hand. All you need is your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Use your Cheque Card everywhere within the United States. Use it at stores, restaurants, groceries, and even gas pumps. Also, don’t forget to use it for all of your telephone or mail order purchases for merchants that accept MasterCard Debit.

Guard your card with MasterCard® SecureCode™! It’s a private code that gives you added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop online. Enroll your card now in MasterCard® SecureCode™. Just click on the link and register your card. So now when you’re done shopping online, you can feel confident that your card is too! Get your First National Bank Cheque Card today!

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